Proud Parent

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How can we support creativity and keep the structure of the 300 level?

A powerful solution I’ve found is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The key focus of the program is delving into the creative aspect of self.

It’s very structured, with assignments meant to take you out of your conditioned life into the world of the deeper soul. It’s designed as a twelve-week program that intersperses recovery principles.

The program took me more than twelve months to complete, rather than twelve weeks. It took me deep into my true being and allowed me to open up my creativity to a whole new level. It was a true soul journey. 

One of the assignments in The Artist’s Way, during Week Eleven, is to write a proud-parent letter to your inner child.

I’d been pretty consistent about doing the program, but when it came time to do this letter, I was like: “Oh gosh, please. I don’t want to do that one.”

It took me a full ten days just to get myself to do the assignment. Finally, I wrote my letter and it ended up being four pages long. 

I wrote four pages of everything I’ve accomplished in my life. It wasn’t just the notable accomplishments, like getting a master’s degree or reaching a six-figure level in my private practice. It was about the person I’ve come to be.

It was about staying in a tough marriage, finding a deeper relationship with God, being a wife and mom to a blended family, and spending years writing books that hadn’t yet been published. I cried for a good twenty minutes as I wrote. It was a profound experience.

This letter filled my third chakra with positive energy. What happens with the third energy center when we don’t have love coming into it?

It’s common to feel an inner emptiness. We often feel inferior to others or have a sense of not being good enough. The center of self is often empty, or not energetically balanced. Often when our third chakra is empty, our inner child is also lacking. This is why the exercise was so powerful, it basically resolved both layers, the center of self and the soulful/artistic inner child.   ~ Cristine 

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