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Cristine Price has a doctorate in Natural Medicine and a master’s degree in Psychology, but even more valuable than her formal education is her own healing journey. It’s not physical or mental solutions alone, but the inclusion of vital body and quantum medicine that have changed the lives of over a thousand clients.
Cristine is the founder of the Conscious CommUnity College, where students not only learn her vast knowledge, simple formulas, and holistic approach but also raise their own frequencies. What is your frequency? What is your next level? Take the assessment to learn more. 


Does it feel like nearly every area of your life is a hamster wheel? 

Your relationships are like a rollercoaster?
Your career stagnant?
You just can’t seem to pull it together?
And there’s got to be more of a solution than just taking a pill.

The solution is as simple as

Raising Your Frequency. 

You can finally make the changes that you know will make you happier and more successful in ALL areas of your life. And do it easily and naturally! Clinically proven to bust through what’s holding you back, the Frequency Framework and Love Solve Methods incorporate the best of Eastern and Western wisdom. 

No matter what you’re dealing with or what your background is, this is the Soul-ution that will help you transform for good. No more falling back into old habits.

Up Level Once and For All

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Cristine Price, CMHC & Ph.D

Cristine Price has a doctorate in Natural Medicine and a master’s degree in Psychology. After building a thriving integrative mental health and therapy practice, she shifted directions into providing integrative mental health counseling that also incorporates quantum frequency and meditation. She teaches a clinically-based, unified approach to well-being that incorporates the very best ideas and practices from western and eastern hemispheres. 

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She has taught, coached, and mentored 1000’s of individuals into upleveling their mental and physical well-being. Her clients range from work-from-home practitioners to rehab directors to self-made millionaire philanthropists. She teaches from experience: her own healing journey and from her clinical practice. 

Cristine’s Frequency and Ladder methods include vital body and quantum medicine that resolves physical, emotional, and mental trauma and has successfully changed the lives of over 1000 private clients.

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Sherri Gaba

LCSW, Featured Therapist on VH-1’s Celebrity Rehab, Author of The Law of Sobriety and Editor of Recovery Today Magazine.

“Cristine provides genuine solutions that come from decades of research and personal investment. Wellness is not “one-size-fits-all” and it is time we stop the band-aid approach. There is no doubt in my mind that she knows her stuff!”

K.J. - Arizona

When my husband and I met Cristine we were separated and at a point where I felt it was very possible that our marriage would not survive. Cristine’s program along with her insight, intuition, and knowledge helped us put our marriage back on track. We let go of past hurts and patterns go. We are now back together able to navigate life much more readily. Thank you Cristine!

Cherie Burton

Author, Speaker, Wellness Coach, Blue Diamond doTerra leader and former Mrs. Utah

Cristine Price has real expertise in brain chemistry, nutrition, and addiction recovery. She shares her vast knowledge and conveys complex information so that the layperson can understand it. I highly recommend the book!

Kathy Truman

Author, Life Coach, Emotional Release Facilitator and Spiritual Counselor,

“Cristine combines raw vulnerability about her own journey with profound wisdom and insight. Her books and modalities bring you to deeper levels of self-understanding with techniques for self-discovery and transformation. If you choose to join her trainings, be prepared for quantum leaps of healing!”