Cristine Price, Ph.D. Quantum Health Practitioner

Cristine Price has practiced as a mental health and addiction recovery professional for over thirty years. Her traditional training with a Master’s in Psychology plus Doctorate in Natural Medicine have merged into a unique approach to healing. She is the author of 4 Bodies: 4 Medicines along with other publications. Understanding the multi-layers of the physical, vital, mental and quantum bodies can lead to comprehensive solutions for otherwise challenging conditions. Cristine has in-depth experience in the fields of substance abuse, child psychology, and mental health treatment.

Cristine’s personal story includes 33 years of sobriety and overcoming a psychiatric condition. Her own challenges have placed her on a path to finding answers that go well outside the traditional box. She has not only benefitted from the treasures she has found, but so have over a thousand clients facing similar struggles. Her private practice has evolved into a school with certification training in holistic mental health.

Cristine is authentic, dynamic, and passionate. She isn’t afraid to challenge the current systems in an effort to awaken listeners and support evolution.

Interview Cristine Price, Ph.D. Expert Quantum Practitioner, to discuss…

  • The 4 Bodies: 4 Medicines for Comprehensive Healing
  • Naturopathic Mental Health: Why you may never have heard of it
  • Emotional Breakdowns (or Breakthroughs) on The Awakening Journey
  • Frequency Mentoring: The New Age of Recovery
  • My #1 Therapy Tool aka What I didn’t Learn in Grad School
  • Subconscious Safety and the Triune Brain

Cristine Price Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • Master’s Degree in Psychology
  • Doctorate in Natural Medicine
  • Certified in EMDR, Brainspotting, Hypnotherapy and NLP
  • 30 years of practice as a Substance Abuse Professional, School Psychologist, and Clinical Mental Health Counselor

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