10 Ways to Balance your Brain Chemistry – EPACKAGE


Did you know you can use food and supplements to restore brain chemistry naturally?  Learn about five important neuro-chemicals and the nutritional basis for each. The e-book “Ten Ways to Balance your Brain Chemistry” and accompanying audios are packed full of information on ways that you can improve brain chemistry, mental health and physical wellness without the use of pharmaceuticals.   Each area is comprised of not only a single way, but a gateway into the knowledge and various solutions that allow you to be  in charge of your own health!

This bundle includes:

1) The e-book “Ten Ways to Balance your Brain Chemistry” 2) Two hours of mp3 audios focusing on “Nutritional Neurochemistry” and an overview of the “Ten Ways to Balance your Brain and Body Chemistry” .

The ten ways to balance your brain chemistry include:

1.      Natural Neurochemistry

2.      Chemical Counterfeits and Natural Solutions

3.      Detoxification and Diet

4.      Balance Your Physiology

5.      Hydration: Water and Salt

6.      Sleep Cycles and Schedules

7.     Sensory Engagement

8.      Balance Your Thinking

9.     Balance Your Emotions

10.   Balance Your Energy

BONUS BOOK INCLUDED:  Would you like the power to transform your emotional world? Emotional Wellness provides a step-by-step technique to identify and release a variety of negative emotions. The end result is the replacement of unpleasant feelings with rewarding and positive emotions. Real life examples and a workbook are included.

Cristine Price, CMHC, Professional Counselor and Life Coach, specializes in Integrative Mental Health; holistically healing mind, body and spirit.  Cristine has facilitated the transformation of over a thousand grateful recipients as a substance-abuse recovery specialist, school psychologist and private practitioner. She has authored powerful self-help tools that impact many lives.

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