The Four Bodies: Four Medicines FREE – EBOOK


4 Bodies: 4 Medicines, A Primer for Quantum Healing

There’s more than a mind-body connection. The Four Bodies include: 1-The Physical Body 2-The Vital Body 3-The Mental Body and 4-The Quantum Body. Healing happens in all four inter-related bodies, with the Fourth Body supporting healing in the other areas. The Quantum Body is the umbrella, the blue-print organizing the experience of our lives, health, and point of attraction. Making changes at this level changes epigenetics, subconscious programs and supports a quantum shift.

Cristine Price, Ph.D. has a doctorate in Natural Medicine and a Master’s degree in psychology. She has established a private practice in integrative mental health, serves in consulting roles with organizations, and has authored various self-help tools in nutrition, recovery, and emotional transformation. She has worked with over a thousand clients, trains Quantum Practitioners, and educates others in the holistic approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit. Her most influential teachers are masters of meditation and mindfulness. Cristine’s modalities, including Quantum Wholeness Meditation and The Complete EFT Method, have been accredited internationally. She is dedicated to research and outcome-based SOULutions.


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