The ten ways to balance your brain chemistry include:

1.      Natural Neurochemistry

2.      Chemical Counterfeits and Natural Solutions

3.      Detoxification and Diet

4.      Balance Your Physiology

5.      Hydration: Water and Salt

6.      Sleep Cycles and Schedules

7.     Sensory Engagement

8.      Balance Your Thinking

9.      Balance Your Emotions

10.   Balance Your Energy

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  • What others are saying:

“Cristine’s book really got me thinking about not only how I could help my clients but make changes in my own life. She provides genuine solutions that come from decades of research and personal investment. Wellness is not “one-size-fits-all” and it is time we stop the band-aid approach. There is no doubt in my mind that she knows her stuff!” Sherry Gaba, LCSW, Featured Therapist on VH-1’s Celebrity Rehab, Author of The Law of Sobriety and Editor of Recovery Today Magazine.

Cristine Price, Ph.D., Professional Counselor and Life Coach, specializes in Integrative Mental Health; holistically healing mind, body and spirit.  Cristine has facilitated the transformation of over a thousand grateful recipients as a substance-abuse specialist and private practitioner. She has authored powerful self-help tools that impact many lives.


  1. Cherie Burton

    Cristine Price has real expertise in brain chemistry, nutrition and addiction recovery. I thoroughly enjoyed her book, 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry. One thing I particularly like about Cristine is her vast knowledge and ability to convey complex information so that the lay person can understand it. I highly recommend the book!
    Cherie Burton, Author, Speaker, Wellness Coach, Blue Diamond doTerra leader and former Mrs. Utah

  2. Jennifer S.

    Cristine’s book, her experiences, and her spiritual focus have brought peace and love to my life, which is good, not always easy but very good. Jennifer S., Arizona

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