I had no intention of becoming a Buddhist

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Cristine PriceYet, life, Universe, God, knew more than I did. The path evolved step-by-step:
2009 – My client introduces me to Tara Brach, a psychologist teaching about mindfulness. Little did I know, she had just opened the door to Buddhism.
2010 – I’m pushed into yoga by a woman I sponsor. 12-Step Recovery was my SECOND spiritual path. I have 33 years of recovery.  Without yoga, I never would have gotten to stillness. Kundalini yoga was my THIRD spiritual path.
2011 – 11/11/11, to be exact, I teach a class on Awakening to Oneness where I explore and share what I learn from Doing Time, Doing Vipassana. I go on record saying, “I hope I don’t have to go to prison to learn how to meditate.”
2012 – I begin to claim my role as an Integrative Mental Health therapist, blending Eastern philosophy and practice with Western training
2013 – I run into my former 12-Step sponsor, who tells me she has followed Thich Nhat Hanh and “there’s a monk in my basement.” I consult with Nithya Shanti, a former Buddhist Monk
2014 – I continue my training with Nithya Shanti and attended my first Buddhist Sangha. I break through my inner barriers to find silence all the way to my core.
2015-2020 – I developed and researched Quantum Wholeness Meditation with individuals, couples, and families – finding the power meditation has to heal lives, marriages, and entire communities.
2020-2022 – www.AMillionAtOne.com is born and built, bringing the Eastern mind and Christian heart together in an online forum of live group intention sessions, Miracles and Meditation, and mastermind groups.
May 2022 – I return to the Buddhist Sangha with humble gratitude. I begin attending weekly, making it my FOURTH spiritual path.

On September 26, 2022, I taught my first Buddhist Sangha. It stretched me more than a 3K stage. It challenged my knowledge beyond Gospel Doctrine – my FIRST spiritual path. It brought more divine beings into my space than a temple session. It was a greater peak experience than Impact Training. It went beyond words, and yet, the topic was the power of words: Right Speech.

Resources and Links:

Learn how to meditate: https://mailchi.mp/b0e47b8a1041/ga750okqq6

Start with a step-by-step integrative approach.

No, you do not have to go to prison to learn how to meditate. In fact, you can learn from your own home in less than ten separate hours rather than ten straight days of silence.

I’d love to support you where ever you are on your journey.

Cristine Price, Ph.D.
Integrative Mental Health Expert