Are You Part Of A Conscious Collective?

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Carl Jung spoke of a collective unconscious. He explained that this collective unconscious encompassed the soul of humanity. The soul of humanity is in a tough spot right now. Some of us feel it. Empaths might be grieving. Others might be turning to addictive fixes to avoid the pain. Today, I am asking you to stay awake and to listen to your soul – to our soul.

I have 3 opportunities, challenges in that request.

1) Stay awake for the next 12 days by letting go of something that you’ve used to numb out, or keep you asleep.
2) Listen to your own soul during that time. Hear what your role is in the collective unconscious becoming conscious
3) Share your soul message as an invitation to support the awakening of others.

Don’t be intimidated by that third challenge. Those others may be your own immediate family. They may be those you work with. It doesn’t have to be to the public or world at large.

I’d like to share my soul story with you. Many of us have been carrying soul wounds that go back before we can remember. Those may be generational wounds that passed down through our DNA. They may be wounds that we, as souls, witnessed before our birth. About a decade ago I fell unconscious through an allergic reaction.

My body fell to the ground and I was in darkness for at least thirty minutes. When I came to I had a memory, or a soul remembrance. Perhaps I brought it back with me from the unconscious collective. It was a wound from WWII. I’ve heard that the era of that war was incredibly damaging to the collective soul. Our world was at war with each other. America was very patriotic and came together during WWII, but I believe many souls watched the horrors and made it their life plan to end the popularity of war. The babies born during and after WWII became many of the voices in the late 60’s and early 70’s that protested Vietnam.

That generation used their voices to make peace and love more popular than war. That era caused us to question our country and patriotism. It led to some huge divisions among us, with the goal to increase equality. The sixties saw the emergence of racial equality, but much conflict along with it. The feminist movement arose, causing men and women to fight more. The divorce rate rose to an all-time high in 1968. That is the year I was born.

I believe I came into the era with a soul purpose. It is a strong desire for me to end war. I’ve claimed a hash tag #EndYourWar. Not only the wars between countries, but the conflict within countries, such as the political unrest we are currently facing. Also the wars between couples, within families, and the war within ourselves. Unlike the methods of the 1970s to use free love and drugs to find a type of heaven on earth, it is also very important to me to honor God. I define God as divine partnership between feminine and masculine Creators. I honor the power of creation and see the importance of limits and laws to protect divine power. I also honor the divine union between body and spirit, recognizing that the purity of both is the key to awakening.

Fasting, abstinence, and celibacy are not popular topics. But I believe those types of disciplines are part of awakening as long as they are used with balance and the highest intentions. Resorting to pleasure, on the other hand, satisfies the hungers of the body, but can disconnect us from our spirit and leave the soul even more wounded, more unheard.

1) Stay awake for the next 12 days by letting go of something that you’ve used to numb out, or keep you asleep.

For me that is sugar. I have been feeding both the parasites in my body and a parasitic mindset for too long. It is amazing to be clear. I have felt some sadness. As an empath I believe I am feeling the sadness of the collective soul. There is a wound and it will take many of us to support the healing of that wound. A great example of collective healing is the seven-day Gratitude challenge that ended last week. Almost ¾ of a million people joined in sharing messages of gratitude on social media. Many of us could feel the shift.

Now it’s a new month. It’s December. it’s the last month of a pivotal year that none of us will forget. 2020 has impacted the world as a whole.

Let’s end this year with something powerfully positive together.

2) What is your role? 3) What is the message or mission you have to support the collective in becoming conscious?

It can be overwhelming to find the answer to that question and then have no idea how you are going to share your message or accomplish your mission. It’s a big reason why we stay asleep. Or go back to sleep. I have some soul-utions to support you in the process of waking up. Once you discover your soul message or mission lets work together to share it. One way might be joining a Conscious CommUnity. We have gotten off to a great start at

Note you need to put the www in front of the address. At first I was annoyed that I couldn’t get the address abbreviated, but maybe it’s for a reason.

www – the World Wide Web. 1991 was the beginning of an important era as the internet became public. The babies born in the 1990s are now the adults of the current generation. Their souls are surely unique. I believe they have information and missions that many of us in the older generations need. We need this new generation to teach us. We need to listen to each other, at a soul level. Let’s invite our children.

Thank you for listening.
Cristine Price, Ph.D.
Author, Researcher, Quantum Practitioner