Source-Conscious? Or self-conscious?

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Have you ever done something you wish you could hide from? I think we all have. A recent client told me the biggest obstacle that prevented her from being okay with herself was embarrassment in a past she felt she couldn’t escape.

The emotion of embarrassment along with guilt, shame, and fear all cause us to contract, to pull inward, crouch, curl up, or cover our faces. Our mental victim often shows up to amplify the feelings of self-consciousness. The other side of the ego may also step in, compensating with rationalizations, excuses, comparisons or possibly a taunt of superiority.  But this pendulum swing between shame and pride is a very poor solution, contrived by the ego to keep itself alive.

There is another option, which is choosing to open ourselves to a greater Source of Consciousness – diametrically opposed to small-self-consciousness.

I supported my client to recognize the folly of her self-recrimination and the truth of her divine nature using Guided Imagery. This technique bypasses the critical mind and gets us in touch with our creativity – even our Creator. By the end of the session, she felt a true sense of security, confidence and validation, which came from her connection to a wise and loving essence, something outside of herself, but very much within her. It arose from her own creativity.

A few hours after the session I felt myself cringing at my own pendulum enacted a few days before. I had spoken to a sensitive family member with a boldness that wasn’t called for and then felt horrible about myself and damage I had done. I wanted to hide, to shrink myself, to take the experience away. Instead, I tapped into my creativity. And I wrote this:

“Embarrassment comes from looking back on ourselves when we operated from our ego, realizing how small we really were. Or how inadequate. Or how defensive. Or how clueless, whatever the case may be. 
However, it’s only the ego that can be embarrassed. So it’s like the nothing side of the quantum equation. Nothing recognizing it’s nothingness. 
On the other hand Consciousness is ‘all that is’ recognizing it is ALL there is.”

I owe my awareness, my consciousness to three things.

  1. I am Christ-centered and I recognize the Atonement as the solution. This is portrayed for me in A Course in Miracles. I am so grateful for the book and like-minded souls who study it with me.
  2. Real-life guides in the form of earth angels and teachers. One such teacher is Barbara DeAngelis. Her book Soul Shift and her course with the Shift Network came along at the perfect time for me.
  3. Being certified in Guided Imagery has changed my life and the lives of many others. My own subconscious seems to know what I need, especially as I tap into All that Is. Yours does too.

As I enter the research phase of my doctoral program with Quantum University I am attempting to explain how this Consciousness changes us, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. No small feat.

Please connect with me if you have questions, comments or interest in what I am doing.

Cristine Price, CMHC ~ Integrative Mental Health Counselor

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