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In the study of vibrational frequencies there are low vibrations where many problems dwell, including the social problems that haunt the backs of our minds, or that we peek at from the corner of our vision. It is unpleasant to sit in the energy of a low frequency where the darkest emotions dwell along with the evils of the world. In contrast, higher frequencies are where we find a measure of comfort, a lifestyle where we have nothing to complain about or experiences that are worth repeating, like holidays, family gatherings and vacations.

The issue, however, is that our life purpose is about growing and growth is not always comfortable. The only way we do it, sometimes, is if we are forced. A catalyst appears that makes our current position uncomfortable and if we are on a trajectory of progression, we will move to the next frequency despite the growing pains, unfamiliarity and discomfort. The reward is that we find ourselves in an even more comfortable, if not blissful, way of life when we do arrive at the next frequency.

For example, we may have health problems due to being overweight (a common problem for those in a comfortable life). We may sacrifice our favorite foods and push ourselves to exercise, thereby finding the solution of weight loss, better health, and ultimately a higher physical frequency.  Some of us have learned that life will motivate us to change, unless and until, we motivate ourselves to change. This latter approach is preferable, in that we have more of an inner drive, longer lasting results and a better attitude about the whole process.

So, what is motivating you right now? Are you proactively stepping into the process of progression? I have found that the opportunity of service is a great way to both grow and to move into higher frequencies. The really good news is, the higher the frequency the more easily the service takes place and the benefits increase. This principle, that at higher frequencies the efforts decrease and the results expand, was shared with me by a wise international teacher and has been reinforced by my study of quantum science.

In science there is a principle of upward causation, that says we start with simple matter and build up to more complex systems. So to create a city we need lots of materials for building and lots of physical labor and lots of time. There is also a principle of downward causation, which has roots in more recent, modern ideologies. It proposes that consciousness, the highest level of upward causation, is actually the source of creation or the ground of everything. So to create a city, it is first visualized in the mind of the creator. It begins as consciousness. Then all elements necessary to carry out the blueprint are brought forward, all required efforts fall into alignment with the brilliant outcome and time is not relevant, since we are working from the future backwards.

Wow. How does that feel? Life can really work that way. In what area of your life would you like to see that work?

I would love to work with you in creating your life with a powerful new level of consciousness.  You may also want to join with me in my service efforts, using quantum principles to make shifts at local to global levels.

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