Quantum Healing Package

$900.00 $777.00

Quantum approaches that work at the information level to create change. The specific quantum approaches I utilize include quantum biofeedback in live or metaspace settings, quantum entrainment (QE) sessions and quantum medicine technology which is similar to homeopathy along with a variety of effective mind-body-spirit solutions.

The package is available in face-to-face settings or by phone, virtual, or online sessions.

  • 4 sessions (45 minutes each) of individual therapy based on quantum approaches with Cristine Price, M.S. worth $480
  • Access to Quantum Solutions course material or live attendance at monthly classes for 2 months worth $100
  • 4 Quantum Biofeedback sessions (60 minutes each) with Bonnie Grieff R.N. worth $320
  • Plus:  Accountability checks and Q&A between sessions at your convenience (by email)
  • Plus: Invitations to join group coaching calls at no extra charge
  • Plus: A copy of the book 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry for optimal mind-body-spirit solutions

Product Description

I am able to deduct insurance coverage from the package and it may cover the majority of the cost. My office also accepts HSA cards and we can bill your insurance toward your deductible even if it hasn’t been met (however the package needs to be purchased in advance in this case.) If you are interested in using insurance please fill out the Start Now form and we will contact you.



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