Quantum Classes

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Live class experience held in Logan, UT. Hour long class starts with education related to Quantum principles and meditation. Various group topics include Zero Point Breathing, Quantum Science as it relates to healing, and Kundalini exercises and mantras. All groups include Quantum Entrainment practice as an advanced meditation with the power to make a personal, cooperative and even global shift. The meditation practice includes several layers of focus: 1) Healing self 2) Healing immediate relationships 3) Healing the wider community and 4) Healing the world. Our current community intention is supporting mental health issues in Cache Valley and our global intention is supporting orphanages in Africa. By targeting a specific pocket of need we are able to make a greater impact in our world.  The regular cost is $22 and proceeds are contributed to local and world charity efforts. Groups: Every other Thursday at noon. January 11, January 25, February 8, February 22. March 8, March 22.

Product Description

This group is led by Cristine Price, M.S. has experienced the miraculous journey of her own healing and recovery allowing her to fully support others in a similar process as a licensed therapist and certified life coach. She has utilized a wide range of healing modalities, currently focusing on integrative tools, such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Recently she enrolled in doctorate program in natural medicine through Quantum University. She has completed the Quantum Entrainment certification with Dr. Frank J. Kinslow and has practiced Christ-centered Kundalini Yoga consistently with trained masters. These techniques create quantum shifts and soul-level healing in addition to powerful ripples in the lives of those who engage in the practice.


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