Phase Two Recovery Mentoring


Phase Two of Recovery Mentoring, includes six powerful video sessions encompassing Steps Four through Nine with quantum principles for healing in addition to the synergy of recovery mentoring. Cristine Price consolidates her 28 years of recovery into a power-packed version of efficient healing, kind of like reading the cliff-notes on a classic. This offer and price are time-limited as my life takes me on my journey to reach significantly more people in much bigger ways than I have done in the past. The program includes:

  • Support through the recovery mentoring facebook group
  • Plus:  Full chapters for each step available for download
  • Plus: Invitations to join group coaching calls at no extra charge


Product Description

I am offering an Integrative approach to recovery, which means that the spiritual context includes both a Christian (LDS-oriented) foundation as well as incorporation of Eastern modalities, such as effective meditation and mindfulness training, energy psychology tools and quantum approaches that work at the information level to create change. Mentoring of this quality is comparable to hundreds of dollars for courses with other mentors. My rate is lower because I am sensitive to the economic situation those in recovery often find themselves in, plus this rate is comparable to my professional counseling fees.


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