Gut Relationships

Gut Relationships

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Did you know your gut may be telling you something about your relationships?  Cristine Price, M.S. teaches principles behind healing our gut while at the same time healing our relationships, including the relationship with ourselves.  Our gut is at the center of our multi-dimensional selves in this 35 minute video – WMA file plays on Windows Media.  Allow time to download.

Product Description

Cristine Price is an integrative mental health counselor specializing in holistic healing.  She is the author of 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry and other self-help materials, including the CD Chakra Healing.   In this class she will  cover new research on gut disorders, such as SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and intestinal hyper-permeability.  She also makes the connection between our physical gut issues and our energy system, with particular emphasis on the second and third chakras.  Cristine will also share  the mind, body and spirit solutions for healing this inter-connected system.  

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