The Gift of Gratitude 14-Day


This e-book was written by Cristine Price, Ph.D., Professional Counselor and Quantum Practitioner from years of experience with focusing on gratitude and discovering the power it has to create enduring and genuine happiness.

Experience a Lift in Mood and a Shift in Attitude this holiday season with this first half of the 28-Day tool to finding real joy and fulfillment including:

~Fourteen exercises that will facilitate a new awareness of what is right in your life

~ Two week’s worth of daily activities that offer an opportunity for inner transformation

~ Written by a professional counselor/life coach with real-life experience in developing and applying the tool for over a decade



Cristine Price, Ph.D. has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a doctorate in Natural Medicine from Quantum University. As a quantum practitioner, author & researcher, Cristine specializes in Integrative Mental Health and healing the whole person: mind, body and spirit. In her private practice and publications she presents real solutions for comprehensive change.

Cristine is especially grateful for the gifts of the past year. She not only completed her Ph.D., but refined and researched a modality; Quantum Wholeness meditation along with emotional awakening has supported marriages plus lifted individuals from depression and seemingly impossible life challenges. She also launched a certification training in “The Complete EFT Method: Tapping for Transformation.” This training is ideal for those seeking holistic tools for emotional healing.

Her upcoming book, A Ladder of Love: Conscious Curriculum for the Three Awakenings will be available on her sites and in her communities. You can learn more about “raising your frequency” in the topic at

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