Full Gratitude Package

Full Gratitude Package

$19.99 $9.99

The Full Gratitude Package includes two “Gifts of Gratitude,” including a 45-minute video download of Cristine Price’s talk at The Heart of the Holidays conference.  Plus the complete version of the e-book for a 28-Day program of experiencing gratitude, written by Cristine Price, Professional Counselor and Life Coach.

Product Description

45-Minute video is fully edited and visually enhanced – WMA file download plays on Windows Media

~ Discover a new appreciation for sensory-based gratitude, divine sources of gratitude and multi-layer solutions

~ Learn one of the most powerful techniques Cristine has found and used personally and professionally for over a decade

~ Receive access to a little-known treasure to teach the power of gratitude to children based on Masaru Emoto’s research

~ Engage in a profound practice that costs no money, requires no fancy equipment and needs no experts to use


PLUS:  Experience a Lift in Mood and a Shift in Attitude with the complete e-book to finding real joy and fulfillment including:

~Twenty-eight exercises that will facilitate a new awareness of what is right in your life

~ Four week’s worth of daily activities that offer an opportunity for inner transformation

~ Written by a professional counselor/life coach with real life experience in developing and applying the tool for over a decade