Emotional Wellness


The Emotional Wellness technique is a tool that can be used in therapy or as a self-help method to support healing from various issues, such as painful relationships, internal conflicts, and depression. Sometimes people get stuck in emotion and don’t know where to go with it. Imagine a gerbil on a wheel running and running. We do that with an emotion, such as resentment, and don’t know how to get out of it. Sometimes we run away from our emotions, but go around and around in an addiction or unhealthy pattern of escape. The Emotional Wellness book provides tools and shows the way to get unstuck and finally be free.


Emotional Wellness:Transform Your Emotional Well includes expanded material for those seeking self-help tools, practitioners looking for ways to support clients emotionally and for working with children. The Complete EFT Method:Tapping for Transformation is included as a BONUS book. This technique is highly effective in reducing anxiety and creating an energetic shift. Both techniques go well together as part of a comprehensive solution. *Not intended to replace formal therapy


Product Description

The tool has supported over a thousand clients the way it can support you to:

~ Recognize your level of Emotional Wellness and what you can do to improve it

~Learn Emotional Transformation exercises you can do at home

~Discover the power of Emotional Alchemy to shift seemingly impossible situations

~Understand the fight/flight of emotions and how your nervous system can be soothed

Written by an Integrative Mental Health Counselor, this book also includes The Complete EFT Method, a meridian-based tool for emotional relief through what is commonly known as “tapping.” EFT has been popularized and practiced in clinical and non-clinical settings with profound success. Cristine Price, M.S. has used the tool for over 15 years and has adapted and enhanced it to become more complete as a mind-body-spirit tool.

Plus a significant portion of your purchase goes to support GrassrootsChildrensFoundation.org – an orphanage in Uganda. Help to transform two dozen little lives.


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