Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness Video

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What is in your emotional well?  Most of us carry around many negative emotions in our wells, such as anger, fear, sadness and guilt. When overflowing these emotions can look like depression, anxiety, high stress and toxicity.  This content-rich 26-minute video teaches you how to transform your well into positive emotions, like gratitude, forgiveness and love.  These useful techniques work on small issues, like conflicts with children or spouses, but it also works on big issues and can support overall healing.

PLUS:  Receive the Emotional Wellness e-book free with your purchase of the video. When you open the e-book you will receive the link and password to access the video. The video is available for streaming or download. *Program is not a replacement for professional care, but is designed for self-help or a complement to formal therapy. The purchaser and viewer of this program is held responsible for their own well-being.

This product is no longer shipped as an actual DVD but available instantly to stream or download. 


Product Description

Video Contents:

  • Processing and Healing through the Emotional Wells
  • Personal Example of Using the Emotional Wellness Technique
  • Coaching Example of the Emotional Wellness Journey
  • Additional Resources and Techniques for Emotional Healing
  • Bonus: Learn Ho’oponopono – the Hawaiian prayer for healing

Cristine Price, M.S. is a  Professional Counselor and Life Coach with over twenty years of experience in working with healing the mind, body and emotions using a combination of holistic and clinical approaches.  She shares two of her favorite tools for finding emotional wellness in this instructional Video.  These approaches have made a huge difference in many lives with significant and lasting results.   More information about Cristine can be found at