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Do you feel stuck in certain emotions?  This technique provides a step by step process to identify and process a variety of negative emotions.  The end goal is to make room for rewarding and positive emotions.  This process is designed to create overall Emotional Wellness and is a great supplement to counseling or life-coaching services.  Real life examples and a workbook are included. Included with the book 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry

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This tool is an effective way to work through strong emotions and resolve them with a step by step process.  The technique was developed by a licensed professional counselor and life coach, Cristine Price, as a self-help tool and for supplemental use in therapeutic settings.  It has been provided as a personal-improvement tool, but is not intended to replace formal therapy.  A printed version of the book is also included as a bonus with the 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry book by the same author.

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    Working through the wells gave me the ability to honestly look at the spectrum of my emotions and what I was feeling. As a co-dependent person my feelings were often very confused and I was often unsure whether I had the right to feel the way I did. The wells helped me understand my feelings and then replace them with feelings of understanding, love, forgiveness and even appreciation. As I replaced the negative feelings with positive ones, my depression changed. I was able t o feel positive feelings about myself and my life. I was able to be more realistic about what I could change and the right I had to feel good. Since then I’ve been able to maintain a positive outlook using these tools, despite very challenging and triggering experiences. Jennifer S. – Gilbert, AZ

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