Divine Origin Essential Oil


This oil blend was developed by Cristine Price, M.S. through inspiration. It serves as a tool to support individuals dealing with reversals in their crown chakra and/or other symptoms of disharmony, especially spiritually. The oil contains Frankincense and Myrrh, which are not only two of the gifts given by wisemen to the Christ child, but represent the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine respectively. Other ingredients include Sandalwood, which is nicknamed the “Oil of Sacred Devotion” by essential oil expert Daniel Macdonald. The blend also contains Clove, which provides energetic protection, keeping boundaries clear and allowing the wearer to be true to self and strengthen personal integrity. Cristine uses only high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Cristine explains in detail how to work with the chakras, including the crown chakra, and how essential oils can be an important part, along with other sensory, experiential and individualized aspects of creating balance. Learn more about her comprehensive course

2ml bottle with ingredient list packaged in an organza gift bag.

Product Description

Find out more about how you can get the recipe and create the blend on your own by contacting Cristine. Email

Purchase of this product also supports an orphanage in Uganda.


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