Balance Brain Chemistry

Balance your Brain Chemistry – Package


This bundle comprises empowering information that gives you cutting edge knowledge to find wellness in new ways.  It includes:

The Book “Ten Ways to Balance your Brain and Body Chemistry”

Plus the Bonus Book “Emotional Wellness – Processing and Healing through the Emotional Well”

A Full Length CD from a class focusing on “Nutritional Neurochemistry” and expanding on the first four chapters of the book

A Second Full Length CD with an overview of the “Ten Ways to Balance your Brain Chemistry” expanding on hydration, sensory engagement, brain waves and sleep cycles.

Product Description

Did you know you can use food and supplements to restore brain chemistry naturally?  Learn about five important neuro-chemicals and the nutritional basis for each. The book “Ten Ways to Balance your Brain Chemistry” and accompanying audio CDs are packed full of information on ways that you can improve brain chemistry, mental health and physical wellness without the use of pharmaceuticals.   Each area is comprised of not only a single way, but a gateway into the knowledge and various solutions that allow you to be  in charge of your own health!

The ten ways to balance your brain chemistry include:

1.      Nutritional Neurochemistry

2.      Chemical Counterfeits and Natural Solutions

3.      Detoxification and the Process of Elimination

4.      Diet and pHysiological Balance

5.      Hydration: Water and Salt

6.      Sensory Engagement

7.      Sleep Cycles and Brain Waves

8.      Manage your Thoughts

9.      Release your Emotions

10.   Align your Spirit


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