Balance Your Physical Energy

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This CD supports both grounding and increasing physical energy through Guided Imagery. Cristine provides original concepts and metaphors to allow the mind to create balance, working with the nervous system and principles of the electromagnetic field. Sensory support is provided with images of therapeutic gemstones and visualizations that support the body to receive energy from the earth. The audio was designed to accompany the first lesson of the Balance Your Seven Chakras course, with emphasis on the root chakra. It can be utilized alone or in conjunction with the Seven Chakras course.

Tracks include:

  1. Introduction to the Physical Energy center
  2. Imagery to Reduce Tension – this is a technique I use frequently with clients and find has the potential to reduce mental tension as well as physical
  3. Physical Balance Journey – bring all 5 senses along
  4. Turn Up Your Power – this is the track to listen to when you need to get motivated
  5. Total Relaxation – this track is included at the end to allow you to drift off to sleep uninterrupted


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