A Ladder of Love for the First Awakening – BOOK


A Ladder of Love for the First Awakening

Release Date 2/22/22 Pre-order to receive a first-run copy! Which area of your life needs a frequency shift? Health, emotional, spiritual, economic and social areas are all important for balanced living. A Ladder of Love provides a blueprint to support personal progression. Cristine explains the calibrations of frequencies on five levels. You can assess your personal frequencies in all five areas and learn tools to support up-leveling. We all have our areas of “stuckness” whether it’s weight management, getting motivated, following a routine, or transitioning to greater independence. Discover ways to get unstuck to live at a higher level and what that looks like.

Copyright © 2021 by Cristine Price, Ph.D


Cristine Price, Ph.D. has a doctorate in Natural Medicine and a Master’s degree in psychology. She has established a private practice in integrative mental health, serves in consulting roles with organizations, and has authored various self-help tools in nutrition, recovery, and emotional transformation. She has worked with over a thousand clients, trains Quantum Practitioners, and educates others in the holistic approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit. Her most influential teachers are masters of meditation and mindfulness. Cristine’s modalities, including Quantum Wholeness Meditation and The Complete EFT Method, have been accredited internationally. She is dedicated to research and outcome-based SOULutions.


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