What is the next chapter in your life?

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Awakening happens in layers

The process of opening our eyes, hearts and minds happens differently for each of us. What we see around us reflects the essence dwelling within. If the world appears dark, scary or unfriendly it is likely the source of that perception is within our conscious or subconscious mind. On the other hand, doing the work to clear the inner self reflects in the outer world. Inner clarity translates into seeing a clear path in life. A compassionate heart finds evidence of a caring community. A peaceful soul experiences the world as such.

If you are reading this, you are likely on the path to awakening to your purpose. When we clear away the debris that doesn’t belong within us our true self is revealed. Knowing who we are goes hand-in-hand with knowing why we are here. For some there is a specific calling we awaken to, for others it is simply the full acceptance of our life experience. Seeing the light and truth in our past and present realities is part of the process. But then, we realize how much power we have to write our life story and shape the future.

Writing an Ideal Life Vision is a powerful way to bring light and truth into the next chapter in your life. If you are feeling lost as to what is next or how to get to the place you sense is waiting for you, this is a perfect opportunity. It is the backbone of the life I have created for myself, one I would have never dreamed possible just a few years ago.

The practice of Christ-Centered Kundalini Yoga is designed to peel the layers of the ego, debris and unnecessary drama in the way of pure living. It is complementary to meditation and other forms of yoga, but different than either. The results are a cleansing of the inner self and full achievement of peace. The technology along with divine chants and mantras is the Eastern equivalent to attending the temple, but the temple is the body.

Arriving at who you really are may mean telling the story of how you got there. I have written books along the way, but since I have more fully arrived in me, I have really known writing is my purpose. Join me for a Yoga, Meditation and Writing Retreat offered for the first time and at an unbelievably low cost. What makes this experience even more uniquely powerful is the addition of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Entrainment to create a full experience of Awakening to Awe. Plus Labor Day Weekend Retreat Option.

Cristine Price, M.S.
Author, Life Coach and
Student of the Quantum Life