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About Cristine therapist

About Cristine

Cristine Price, CMHC, SUDC

Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Substance Use Disorder Counselor

Certified  Life Coach

With Additional Training in:

Integrative Mental Health techniques

EMDR through the EMDR Institute

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Guided Imagery


Cristine Price, CMHC specializes in Integrative Mental Health and healing the whole person: mind, body and spirit. She has a unique background as a healing practitioner due to her personal recovery from addictions, mental illness and more.  She has a natural ability to be relatable and real, which draws many to learn from her.  Her original approach has changed the lives of over a thousand clients. Cristine avidly pursues balance through Eastern modalities such as Kundalini yoga, meditation and mindfulness and is also deeply committed to Christian ideals.  She blends her eclectic spirituality with the foundation of science to align with truth as she conveys intellectual topics with a creative slant.

In addition to a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Holistic Health from Quantum University, she has specialized training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which she has used for 14 years and adapted with quantum principles; EMDR which has resulted in the healing transformation of hundreds of clients with various forms of trauma; Quantum Entrainment which is a simple but powerful tool for neutralizing triggers and extending the healing results to the family system and larger community; and Guided Imagery, a type of hypno-imagery, which has led to subconscious shifts and a gentle approach to healing the psyche.

Cristine has 20 years of experience as a substance abuse specialist, 10 years as a school psychologist and currently has a thriving private practice as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  She has found solutions that work at a deeper level and with more solid outcomes than what can often be found in traditional academia and many clinical settings.  Her expertise in brain chemistry, nutrition and addiction recovery come together in her book 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry where her vast knowledge and ability to convey complex information is presented in such a way for even the lay person to understand.

  • Thank you Cristine.  All I have learned from you has made a BIG difference in my life. I appreciate everything being so much calmer. Life is peaceful in every way.

    Cindy N. – Idaho
  • Cristine, I have learned so-o-o-o much from you. I have a new life because of what I have done with that learning. I can’t thank you enough, there are not words to explain.

    Vonda S., Cache Valley, Utah
  • Working with Cristy has been amazing. So much healing has occurred. She uses many different techniques, which allows us to find the one that works best for me. I would (and do) recommend Cristy to everyone I know!

    Catherine – Logan, Utah
  • I am so thankful to Cristine Price for the time she dedicated to helping me overcome some incredibly difficult trials and experiences. I often use my emotional wells and other tools from our sessions. I often feel I moved to Utah for that short time specifically so I could be blessed by her work.

    Jennifer S., Arizona