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Cristine Price specializes in Integrative Mental Health and healing the whole person: mind, body and spirit.   She has found genuine solutions through her epic life experience and has facilitated the transformation of over a thousand clients as a recovery expert and leading-edge practitioner. She has 20 years of experience as a substance abuse specialist, 10 years as a school psychologist and currently has a thriving private practice as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Northern Utah.

True healing is found through the integration of the best that modern age science has to offer along with the ancient traditions of Eastern Medicine. She personally practices transformative yoga, has received mindfulness training from a former Buddhist monk and is pursuing a doctorate in Natural Medicine from Quantum University.

Her expertise in brain chemistry, nutrition and addiction recovery come together in the book 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry. Cristine has authored many other powerful self-help tools based on her concept of the Wellness Diamond where she shares her knowledge and conveys her hope based on the four facets of real healing.

Cristine is currently authoring a fantasy/fiction series, White Dove, Black Crow portraying psychic separation and inner conflict and concluding with wholeness. This masterpiece is destined to impact society at large, speaking to the core nature we all have in common and pointing us to the only solution that makes sense to us en masse, which is recovering our full, combined presence.

With a social media following of over 7000, hundreds of views on her youtube videos, publications in Recovery Today magazine, virtual appearance in worldwide venues such as the World Hope Cast and presence in various other media forums, such as radio shows (My Seven Chakras and Doug Forresta) Cristine is ready to share her message with the world.



“Lift Your Mood with Gratitude” Cristine has personally discovered the power of gratitude to provide even a long-lasting solution to seasonal depression and chronic dysthymia. She shares her 28-day tool along with a comprehensive approach to make the shift in mood and attitude.

“Quantum Solutions” The advanced training Cristine is receiving from Quantum University allows her to explain principles of healing in scientific terms. Miracles have a basis in quantum physics as do other aspects of transforming the whole person from vital body to physical conditions.

“Integrative Mental Health” The bringing together of Eastern and Western worlds of medicine applies to the healing of the body, mind and spirit. A comprehensive approach results in solutions for bipolar disorder, addictions, and even personality disorders.

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hhwholeness@gmail.com   or    435-915-6915

Cristine Price has expertise in brain chemistry, nutrition and addiction recovery. I thoroughly enjoyed her book, 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry. One thing I particularly like about Cristine is her vast knowledge and ability to convey complex information so that the lay person can understand it. She has a natural ability to be relatable and real, which draws many to learn from her. I would highly recommend Cristine Price as a speaker and advisor as well as the books she has authored


.Cherie Burton, Author, Speaker, Wellness Coach, Blue Diamond doTerra leader and former Mrs. Utah

Cristine not only has extensive knowledge in both psychology and holistic health, but she brings much life experience to her teaching. I have experienced so many ‘aha’ moments while in her classes and have been able to use many of her tools and techniques to better serve my own clientele. I also had the opportunity to attend two ‘Healing, Health and Wholeness’ conferences that Cristine organized. They were both so uplifting and educational and were highlights in my own healing path. I can remember her saying that her goal, in this tremendous act of service, was to bring a higher vibration into our lives, that we might go out into the world and strive to bring more light into the lives of others.I greatly admire Cristine for her triumph in her own life’s journey and especially grateful for her willingness to share with fellow seekers.

Kathy Truman, Emotional Release Facilitator and Spiritual Counselor

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