Is There A Hero Inside You

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

Have You Found Your Inner Hero?

One might say that the opposite of a victim is a villain. What is a victim?  A victim tends to passively blame and both inwardly and outwardly complain.  What is a villain?  They tend to actively blame others for their unhappiness and project it onto others, spreading their misery.  What is interesting is that there is really a fine line between the two, they have more in common than not, namely the pattern of misery.

The real opposite of both victim and villain is a healthy one – it is a victor and a vindicator – a HERO.  What is a hero?  Someone who has found their true self and purpose – they know why they are here and actively strive to fulfil their role in making lives better, including their own.  They have been through much, but they allow that experience to both serve them and serve others.

There are some amazing heroes out making a difference in our world right now.  It is reassuring to know that so many have overcome their battles in life and are there ready to offer a hand to others.  It creates a win-win scenario really, for those who are struggling to receive the hope and strength and for the hero to know that their life experience and trials were worthwhile.

We can look around and see amazing examples and huge successes of heroes, but consider this – any of us can become a hero in our own life at any moment.  It is simply a choice.  Are you ready to make that choice?  Here are three affirmations to create that right now:

  1. In this moment I choose to rise up in courage –  to face my challenge and to overcome.
  2. In this moment I choose to take full responsibility for my life – I choose to get out of my own way.
  3. In this moment I choose to step forward into my power– I deserve to be the hero I have been waiting for.

Feel the power of these statements and if you really would like to make this meaningful, state these out LOUD and I mean OUT LOUD!!! Three times! If you have a dragon slayer sword, use it!

What I have found is that all we really need to do is be a hero in our own lives and it will lead naturally to empowering others.  I have three heroes to share that have made a difference in my life and the lives of countless others.  I encourage you to take a look at what they are offering for July – time sensitive!!