Have you heard of Blue Solar Water?

by | Feb 7, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

It is good enough to shovel extra snow to make a place for it in the sun, even this winter! And on the days that the sun doesn’t get through the clouds, it still works.

It is important to drink pure water that is free of toxins, amoeba, etc.  This may mean having tap water purified or buying water that is filtered. But I would like to share a little-known secret to make good water even better. Dr. Hew Len, who is well known for inspiring the book Zero Limits, recommended blue solar water to the author Joe Vitale. It is only a side-mention in the book, but I happened to pay close attention to this suggestion and shared it with others with significant success.

The process to create blue solar water is simple, but it does require a blue glass container. Simply fill the blue glass jar with good water, such as filtered tap water, and place it outside during the day with a loose cap. If the sun is shining it could be left for just an hour, or on a cloudy day it could stay out most of the day. Then simply tighten the cap and drink or store. It stores much better than any other container and you will find it tastes remarkably better than it did before.

The blue glass usually contains cobalt, which has health-promoting properties, but the color also seems to augment a process that allows the water to purify through the sun. Blue bottles are even sold in outdoor supply catalogs as water purifiers.

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