Every Prayer Counts, but QE is Exponential

by | Oct 8, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

Narcissists, feminists, chauvinists, Oh My. Is anyone else seeing what I am seeing? The presidential campaign has brought forward a lack of consciousness that causes many of us to balk. It triggers our issues as a people and blatantly exemplifies traits many of us are ready to surpass.

What has this election brought up for you? Some may feel sickened by the disrespect towards women. Sadly it is evident from multiple angles. Some may pity the prospects. Fear for the future. Or apathetically avoid the whole mess. What can one person do anyway? One vote may not count for much. One prayer might count for a little more. But each one of us, when combined with a powerful intention and an exponential ripple, could change the outcome.

I felt a great unsettling several weeks ago regarding our presidential prospects. My concerns nagged at me enough to begin formulating an idea. I decided it might be worthwhile to focus the QE Meditation group on the election for a few weeks. But I wondered how much difference it would really make so I decided to discuss it with a highly enlightened and well-respected intuitive. The response I received from him confirmed not only the value of such an endeavor, but the magnitude of the QE group itself. He shared with me he saw “concentric rings rippling out from the meditative efforts our group has done and will do.” He is not the only intuitive who has seen these rings and this level of impact from our group. And ours is not the only group of this nature.

Many wonder what we can do and if we are meant to do anything about global problems. Before we can take action, the first priority is to be self-aware. To be fully conscious. My own personal journey was to arrive at wholeness before I could take empowered action. The means that brought me to such a place of healing is the very avenue I am now sharing with many of my clients and any who are interested and ready to get involved. Quantum Entrainment.

QE is a simple, but profoundly effective means for shifting imbalance and disharmony all the way from the personal to the global level. We are all endowed with a knowing of pure consciousness or what some may call the light of Christ, the Holy Spirit or God essence. All light is light. And we are inherently light. But we forget. The task is to remember, to uncover or to find the light within our own being. The way to this truth is by just being in it, through silence, stillness and deep connection to all that is.

It took practice to find the pure awareness spoken of with Quantum Entrainment. But once I arrived I knew it was the strongest healing tool I had ever encountered. I have seen dramatic physical changes, significant psychological results, and miraculous shifts in myself and many others. The greatest power comes when a group of people engage in QE simultaneously. The results are exponential. For the past several months we have been extending QE to the efforts to Operation Underground Railroad and for the next four weeks we will also focus on the 2016 Presidential Election.