Do you ever grasp at feeling grateful?

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Gratitude can literally decrease depression! In an article in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine research found that gratitude along with other positive psychology interventions made a significant difference for Depressive Disorders [JACM; 2011; 17 (8)].  The editor of the scientific journal referred to it as “ground-breaking work of global significance…especially in our pharmaceutically dominated culture of dependence. (Practicing gratitude is a)… low cost highly effective means to help people submerged in the sea of depression.” (Jobst)

I found this research literally to be true in my own life, enough so to write an e-book entitled “The Gift of Gratitude.” It tells the story of how I accessed gratitude consistently using it as a tool and daily structure. This workbook encourages you to incorporate gratitude into your life in ways you may have never imagined.

On the anniversary of the “gratitude challenge” I will be speaking in a brand new forum; is a webinar library full of meaningful resources and practical tools designed to address life’s challenges in an empowering way. I’m honored to be selected as a presenter. I’ll be sharing new content and making connections between “Gratitude, Mindfulness and Meditation,” but more importantly, I’ll be addressing the challenge that comes when you just don’t feel grateful.

Blocks to gratitude occur for various reasons. We may know intellectually that gratitude is the solution, but sometimes it just eludes us, overshadowed by a mental state, emotional heaviness, a chemical imbalance or a spiritual dilemma. I’ll share solutions for each of these challenges on Friday along with  a link to access the free gift. Please join the free webinar by registering here.

Wishing You Wellness,
Cristine Price, M.S.
Mental Health Therapist/Author