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Zero Point Meridian Technique

The Complete EFT Method

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  • Twenty-five year history
  • Research supported
  • Stress-reduction mode
Established as:

  • An Energy Psychology intervention
  • A tool that clients can learn and use independently
  • A resource in the emotional wellness tool box

Who is this Certification for?

Health Professionals

Mental Health Providers

Addiction Counselors

Massage Therapists

Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Foot-zone Practitioners

Reiki Masters

Life and Performance Coaches

Certified Mentors

Ways ZPM Can Assist Your Clientele


Improves outcomes with physical performance.
Supports recovery and reduces cravings.
Improves ability to meditate or achieve mindfulness.
Relieves financial worries.
Decreases school stress.
Reframes mental focus away from pain and discomfort.

What You Will Learn in 2 Days​

The Zero Point Meridian Which Incorporates:


Emotional Healing Principles with Blueprints

Quantum Breathing for Parasympathetic Reset

Kinesiology for Testing Psychological Reversals

Eye Movement using Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Positive Affirmation Development with Templates

Live Interactive Processes That Include:


Practice Sessions with Partners and Small Groups

Develop Your Personal Purpose-Driven Model

Tools For Marketing and Promotion of Your Services

Physical Copies of Training Manual and Forms

Plus in the Friday evening bonus class you will learn…

How to Be Part of Global Group Potential

  • Learn how Zero Point Meridian Technique assists in global crises
  • Experience ZPM combined with Quantum Non-locality
  • Support Global Repair with the assistance of the non-physical realm

Training on How to Utilize the Conscious Intervention Scale


  • Learn the criteria of a Conscious Intervention
  • Measure results proactively with clients pre- and post-session
  • Assess client progress across individual and group programs
  • Receive full access to the paper and digital instrument

. . . Plus 6 Live Group Supervision Sessions

Six-Week Practicum

  • Use the new tools with existing clients
  • Identify your target population and unique niche
  • Receive support in acquiring practicum cases
  • Develop and implement a two-week group coaching model
  • Integrate ZPM into existing business models and services
  • Create a “testimonial trade” with group participants
  • Receive marketing templates and promotional systems 
  • Establish ethical integrity in your field of expertise

Upcoming Dates

Next ZPM Certification Training 

Summer 2024 & Fall 2024: Basic Training

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