Is Your Vital Body In Balance?

When is the last time you had a check up? Being aware of your vital body is just as important as having your physical body in shape. Our vital body is made up of our energy field, including meridians, chakras and auric field. The chakras are full of information that relates to specific organs. There is a direct relationship between the balance of a specific chakra and certain aspects of physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health.

For example, if your second chakra or sacral area is out of balance there are often accompanying emotional issues, such as problematic relationships or unresolved inner child wounds. These often go along side small intestinal problems, like IBS, and/or hormonal imbalances. Creating balance in the chakra can be part of a synergistic solution which can resolve imbalances in all areas of health.

What does a synergistic solution look like? It is the restoring of wholeness. Amit Goswami, PhD, my Quantum University professor, explains that “Wholeness is the metaphysical basis of all that is. Detaching from wholeness is what leads to disease.” Our spirits are having a physical experience and sometimes there is separation in the process. Sometimes we don’t want to feel pain, or experience the frequency of the physical world and our spirit separates. This is common in trauma, such as mentioned with the second chakra. However, I have come to the conclusion we may all have a collective PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) stored in our subconscious minds. It occured the moment our spirits were assaulted with the dense vibrations of our earthly experience.

The solution is not an escape from the physical – often seen in the ultra-spiritual life. Nor is the solution to numb the spirit – often seen in those who become addicted to physical things. The solution is to awaken both the physical and vital bodies together. Amit Goswami has stated that the “chakras are the exact point where the physical and vital bodies are collapsed together by consciousness.” What this means is that the body needs the spirit and vice versa, for complete wholeness. That is wonderful news. Because if you are living and breathing and reading this, you are capable of complete wholeness.

Here are a few suggestions and exercises to create wholeness and balance:
1) Breathe healing white light into the crown of your head, inviting divine essence to balance your crown chakra and enter your mind, filling it with peace. More meditation ideas are available on my Chakra Clearing mp3 or CD.
2) Use meditation in combination with yoga positions (yoga means union between body and spirit) like in this short video
3) Wear therapeutic gemstones with the intention of balancing specific chakras – for example Carnelian can support healing in the second chakra. Learn more at
4) Use affirmations to correct the information level programming of your chakras. For example, to balance the throat chakra state the following in a clear, empowered voice: “I am my word. I allow my voice to be heard. I express my truth and claim my volition.”

If this intrigues you, please find out more about the Seven Lessons Series – covering each of the seven main chakras. I would love to share much, much more with you about this vital topic, and I also offer individual sessions specifically designed to assess and restore your chakra balance. To explore this possibility in a live, online or phone setting just Start Now.

Create a Christmas Miracle

Are you seeking a miracle?

It could be for yourself or someone you care for. Or maybe you are praying for healing on a global level. The very first prinicple in A Course in Miracles states:There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal. The epitomy of Love is exemplified in the life of Christ:  “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13) So putting these concepts together would suggest that the time of year we celebrate Christ is one of the best times to create a miracle.

It is such an amazing time to be living in the abundant world of this dispensation. We have more information, more resources, more tools and more knowledge available to us than at any other time in history. Something miraculous about this era is the beautiful bridging of the West and the East. The bringing together of such differences creates an unparalleled totality and opportunity for wholeness. Christ is honored as we merge as a whole on every level, within our complete selves, as functioning communities, as a unified nation and as a world connected by love.

I have been so blessed to learn more about the science of miracles in my studies with Quantum University. And I have experienced personal miracles as the result of my Eastern practices, specifically in the areas of Chakras, Meditation and Kundalini Yoga. From Amit Goswami (a professor with Q,U.) I have learned “the chakras are the exact point where the physical and vital bodies are collapsed together by consciousness.” And from Christ-centered Kundalini teachers such as Nam Joti Kaur, I have learned “we can open and balance the chakras and unlock the Kundalini (the divine True Self) and raise it back up to the higher centers and to God.” (Awake as in Ancient Days, page 32). She also speaks to the power of meditation along with Kundalini as ‘the science of God realization‘.

If you are seeking a miracle, in addition to prayer and supplication to Christ during this season, you may also want to explore the power of meditation through a practice such as Quantum Entrainment or Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. If you are in the Logan area, you have the amazing opportunity to attend 4 consecutive days of power-packed practice during the first week of each month with Kundalini Yoga of Cache Valley. To kick-off the four days of practice, I will also be offering a Quantum Solutions class, on Thursday, December 8th at 7pm, explaining more about the power of our vital body energy in healing and the miracles of meditation. I will be also be announcing an amazing course for the New Year, bringing the synergy of healing principles and practices together. Stay tuned for more details.

Restlessness could be caused by a deficiency

Restlessness could be caused by a deficiency in the minerals critical for nervous system function. Iron sulfate has been associated with restless leg syndrome, a type of sleep disorder. “The U.S. Institute of Health estimates as many as 70 million people in the United States suffer from chronic, treatable sleep disorders. This is approximately 25% of the population and includes children as well as adults. Sleep disorders include: sleep apnea, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD), Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), and Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome also referred to as insomnia.” (10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry, pg. 57)

The minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium are also critical for neurochemical functions. Calcium and magnesium supplements (CALM and Cal-Mag Fizz), are helpful in the evening to stimulate serotonin and alpha wave states.

The combination of calcium, magnesium and potassium is present in a Standard Process formula called Min-Tran™. The Min stands for minerals and the Tran is an abbreviation for transmitters or for tranquil. The main purpose of the formula is to support the mineral levels of the transmitters, but it also tends to provide a tranquil state. Supplementing with minerals could even resolve symptoms that look like ADHD in those who actually have Restless Leg Syndrome or Pervasive Limb Movement Disorder.

Here is an example:

“As we drove for many hours during our honeymoon I became antsy and my legs were restless. My new wife had noticed the night before that I had a restless leg condition. She commented that my legs twitched intermittently throughout my sleep. She offered me a couple of Min-Tran™ as we drove. About thirty minutes after taking the Min-Tran™, I became calm and my legs were still.” Ryan P., Willard, Utah.

I am offering a free group coaching session for those interested in learning more about using supplements to balance brain chemistry, calm the nervous system and improve well-being naturally. This is a world I have been studying for over 2 decades. The coaching call is Monday, March 21 at Noon  Register Here

Have you heard of Blue Solar Water?

It is good enough to shovel extra snow to make a place for it in the sun, even this winter! And on the days that the sun doesn’t get through the clouds, it still works.

It is important to drink pure water that is free of toxins, amoeba, etc.  This may mean having tap water purified or buying water that is filtered. But I would like to share a little-known secret to make good water even better. Dr. Hew Len, who is well known for inspiring the book Zero Limits, recommended blue solar water to the author Joe Vitale. It is only a side-mention in the book, but I happened to pay close attention to this suggestion and shared it with others with significant success.

The process to create blue solar water is simple, but it does require a blue glass container. Simply fill the blue glass jar with good water, such as filtered tap water, and place it outside during the day with a loose cap. If the sun is shining it could be left for just an hour, or on a cloudy day it could stay out most of the day. Then simply tighten the cap and drink or store. It stores much better than any other container and you will find it tastes remarkably better than it did before.

The blue glass usually contains cobalt, which has health-promoting properties, but the color also seems to augment a process that allows the water to purify through the sun. Blue bottles are even sold in outdoor supply catalogs as water purifiers.

This and a wide range of wellness tips, tools and training are included in my newly revised book:  Ten Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry (Revised Edition)