Phase One Recovery Mentoring


Phase One of Recovery Mentoring, includes four full-length video sessions encompassing an introduction and Steps One through Three. The program presents a variety of tools based on principles for healing in addition to the synergy of mentoring. Cristine Price consolidates her 28 years of recovery into a power-packed version of efficient healing, kind of like reading the cliff-notes on a classic. This offer and price are time-limited. The program includes:


  • Support through the recovery mentoring facebook group
  • Plus:  Excerpts from the book Whereas I Was Blind, Now I See
  • Plus: Invitations to join group coaching calls at no extra charge


You will receive your program by email, with the introduction and the First Step a day apart and then the Second and Third Step one week apart. In all the program will be delivered over a 15 day period. However, you have as much time as you need to complete it. I just recommend setting a clear intention during the introduction to hold yourself to the completion. I offer this gift freely with the only condition that you recognize the value in the program and “do the work”.


Product Description

I am offering an Integrative approach to recovery, which means that the spiritual context includes both a Christian (LDS-oriented) foundation as well as integrative approaches, such as effective meditation and quality mentoring. I am true to my recovery and believe that to keep it I get to give it, imparting my experience, strength and hope to others. From my heart to yours.


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