Quantum Healing Package

$795.00 $595.00

Quantum approaches that work at the information level to create change. The specific quantum approaches I utilize include quantum biofeedback in live or metaspace settings, quantum entrainment (QE) sessions and quantum medicine technology which is similar to homeopathy along with a variety of effective mind-body-spirit solutions.

The package is available in face-to-face settings or by phone, virtual, or online sessions. Both options include:

  • 4 sessions (30 minutes each) of individual quantum healing with Cristine Price, M.S. worth $300
  • Access to Quantum Solutions course material or live attendance at monthly classes for 4 months worth $100
  • 4 Quantum Biofeedback sessions (60 minutes each) with Bonnie Grieff R.N. worth $500
  • Plus:  Accountability checks and Q&A between sessions at your convenience (by email)
  • Plus: Invitations to join group coaching calls at no extra charge
  • Plus: A copy of the book 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry for optimal mind-body-spirit solutions

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