Ideal Life Vision Group

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Create your ideal life in 2017!

Want more clarity & Focus in your life? How about more income?  Better relationships?  Improved Health?

This powerful workshop is about taking some time and space for yourself to get crystal clear on what you want your ideal life to look like.  Inspired Life Vision’s unique information guides you to find what it is that you want to create and have happen in your life.  You won’t just learn how to create a Life Vision, you will actually walk away with a detailed “written” vision that is also recorded in audio and ready to use for immediate results!  Join us to create your own Ideal Life Vision!

Live Group Training 

Saturday, March 11th and Saturday, March 18th

10am – 3pm (Bring a Sack Lunch)

Next Group TBD  April 2017

Location: 130 S. Main, Suite 215 ~ Logan, Utah

Product Description

With Pattie Sadler, Ideal Life Vision Certified Coach

and Tami Poteet, CMHCA – Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and Certified Life Coach

Your Experiences will include:

  • Step-by-step details to design your own powerful vision
  • Fill your life with all the abundance you desire to experience
  • Learn from a certified Ideal Life Vision expert and other success stories
  • Experience the unique addition of a licensed therapist for added support
  • Understand the power of music to positively program your brain for success
  • Use the proven techniques to imprint this vision on your subconscious mind
  • Receive a power tool that works for you every day, especially on “those” days
  • Benefit from the “mastermind” synergy of the group to clarify your vision and purpose


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    With Pattie Sadler as my certified coach, I was able to create and record a detailed and empowering life vision. The Ideal Life Vision program includes step-by-step guidelines to develop five key life areas. Hearing my own voice declare this vision has worked for me in miraculous ways. I began to experience financial results and improved relationships almost immediately. Professional opportunities have opened up in just a few short weeks. I am living a happier and more fulfilled life as I continue to expand and clarify my vision. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a powerful way to create the results they are looking for in their life! – Tami G., Idaho

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    I became aware of Ann Webb’s Ideal Life Vision program while I was working with a high-end life coach. The time and investment I have spent utilizing Ann’s program have paid off exponentially and enhanced the large investment I made with coaching. As I work with many individuals as a licensed therapist, I often suggest that they create a life vision as one of the strongest avenues I have found for long-term, effective change. This tool surpasses many expensive and high-investment options. I have re-created my own life vision on three occasions, since I have literally achieved the results of each of my former visions. It continues to be one of the most powerful ways to create comprehensive results. – Cristine Price, Life Coach and Therapist ~ Logan, UT

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