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Envisioned Writers Retreat – Shared Room


Wednesday, November 9  through  Saturday, November 12 ~ 2016

Bear Lake – Redd Mountain Retreat  /  Single bed – Shared Room

Envision your completed project with an intensive writing focus

Envision your message finding its most effective voice

Envision your clear purpose and outcomes manifesting fully

  • Achieve full focus with your writing project, tune into clarity, productivity and efficiency with the structured group processes and resources provided
  • Balance your left and right hemispheres in the writing process through simple modalities you can practice at home
  • Receive a full twenty-hours of productive writing time and the opportunity to share excerpts and receive peer feedback.
  • Learn and practice powerful meditation techniques to amplify your results and pave the way for the success of your message.
  • This retreat is being offered simultaneously with the Ideal Life Vision Retreat. The Envisioned Writing Retreat will offer a sampling of ILV related to writing.

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Product Description

The Retreat Coordinator: Cristine Price, M.S. is the author of two self-help books focused on physical health and spiritual healing respectively: Ten Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry and Whereas I Was Blind, Now I See (published under a pen name). She is currently writing a fictional novel of a kingdom facing division and the pivotal, personal dilemma of choosing between two compelling sides. She has a wealth of training from fictional authors such as James Patterson and non-fiction authors such as Bill O’Hanlan. Cristine is currently being coached by NY Times best-selling author Bridget Cook Burch and a former literary agent Mark Malatesta. Cristine has experienced the miraculous journey of her own healing and recovery allowing her to fully support others in a similar process as a licensed therapist and certified life coach. She has utilized a wide range of healing modalities, currently focusing on integrative tools, such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Recently she enrolled in doctorate program in natural medicine through Quantum University. She has been using Ideal Life Vision with enormous success for the past 2 years. Cristine’s life is evidence of the power of the ILV tool.


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