Chakra Lessons

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Learn about the quantum nature of each of the seven chakras and receive powerful tools and experiential guidance for balancing each of your energy centers. Learn which essential oils, therapeutic gemstones and natural supplements support each center. Also experience Kundalini Yoga exercises to balance the chakras as well as positive affirmations and other mind-body-spirit tools for balance.

  • Lesson One: Root Chakra – Physical Energy Center
  • Lesson Two: Sacral Chakra – Social Energy Center
  • Lesson Three: Solar Plexus – Personal Energy Center
  • Lesson Four: Heart Chakra – Emotional Energy Center
  • Lesson Five: Throat Chakra – Mental Energy Center
  • Lesson Six: Third Eye – Psychic Energy Center
  • Lesson Seven: Crown Chakra – Spiritual Energy Center

Each class is regularly $22 each. Get a double discount by registering for the series in advance.

Product Description

This seriesĀ is led by Cristine Price, M.S., licensed therapist and certified life coach. She has utilized a wide range of healing modalities, currently focusing on integrative tools, such as yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Plus she has had experience working with chakra energy as an integrative aspect of therapy for over 15 years. Recently Cristine enrolled in doctorate program in natural medicine through Quantum University. She has completed the Quantum Entrainment certification with Dr. Frank J. Kinslow and has practiced Christ-centered Kundalini Yoga consistently with trained masters. These techniques create quantum shifts and soul-level healing in addition to powerful ripples in the lives of those who engage in the practice.


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