Do you ever grasp at feeling grateful?

Gratitude can literally decrease depression! In an article in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine research found that gratitude along with other positive psychology interventions made a significant difference for Depressive Disorders [JACM; 2011; 17 (8)].  The editor of the scientific journal referred to it as “ground-breaking work of global significance…especially in our pharmaceutically dominated culture of dependence. (Practicing gratitude is a)… low cost highly effective means to help people submerged in the sea of depression.” (Jobst)

I found this research literally to be true in my own life, enough so to write an e-book entitled “The Gift of Gratitude.” It tells the story of how I accessed gratitude consistently using it as a tool and daily structure. This workbook encourages you to incorporate gratitude into your life in ways you may have never imagined.

On the anniversary of the “gratitude challenge” I will be speaking in a brand new forum; is a webinar library full of meaningful resources and practical tools designed to address life’s challenges in an empowering way. I’m honored to be selected as a presenter. I’ll be sharing new content and making connections between “Gratitude, Mindfulness and Meditation,” but more importantly, I’ll be addressing the challenge that comes when you just don’t feel grateful.

Blocks to gratitude occur for various reasons. We may know intellectually that gratitude is the solution, but sometimes it just eludes us, overshadowed by a mental state, emotional heaviness, a chemical imbalance or a spiritual dilemma. I’ll share solutions for each of these challenges on Friday along with  a link to access the free gift. Please join the free webinar by registering here.

Wishing You Wellness,
Cristine Price, M.S.
Mental Health Therapist/Author

Wishing not Wanting

Have you ever had a desire or wish that you hoped would come true? Most of us are familiar with the terms, “Wishing on a star”, “The sky is the limit”, or “Be careful what you wish for.”  What if you knew you really could wish on a star and it could come true, or that there really is no limit to the sky?  What if I were to tell you the problem may be what you don’t wish for?

It is possible to receive whatever you wish for if:

  1. You truly desire it,
  2. It is in your highest good, and
  3. You believe you can receive it.

But maybe this is not how your life has worked in the past and you are questioning if it really works to wish.

Take a journey to the stars with me to test out intentional wishing.

Think about something you’ve really, really desired, but maybe didn’t believe you actually deserved or that you could have.

The seed of creation is an intention, which is planted and then nourished so it can grow into a beautiful outcome.

First, we need to make it clear there is a difference between wanting and desiring.  The definition of desire is to wish for or expect something, whereas the definition of want means deficit or scarcity.  Wanting something can have a negative effect on ones wellbeing or outlook, causing a sense of lack and even symptoms of depression or victimization.

The way to bring your desires to fruition is done through positive affirmations.  

Intentions are powerful and flow through us and into the universe like a radio wave. If we “unintentionally” send out complaints, worries or regrets, the universe still responds to the signal. Those negative vibes can expand and return back to us.

A positive affirmation works with this universal signal and amplifies our intention.  It is a phrase that we repeat, drawing attention to what we hope for or describing the met desire. The key is that we focus on what we want to have growing in our minds and in our lives. So we plant those seeds only. And then we allow them to grow.

Nourish your thoughts or desires and see where they take you.

When you first start saying your positive affirmations they may not be true, but with repetition they sink into your subconscious mind. You will start to believe them, and eventually they will become your reality. The seeds you have sewn and grown will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The ways to nourish the seeds through positive affirmations:

  • Write them down and re-read them
  • Record them and listen to them
  • Repeatedly state them out loud
  • Visualize yourself experiencing your wishes in “real time”
  • Then all that is left is “waiting on the stars” to bring to you your new destiny.

The results of the journey speak for themselves

Amanda P. from Bear Lake, Utah, has taken this journey to the stars with me. She states that “By regularly using the affirmation exercises I have been able to create a more positive and healthy environment for myself and those who are a part of my life. My new-found belief in abundance provides a positive mentality in order feel good about myself and others.  It allows me to prosper and attract even more abundance into my life.”

Using positive affirmations gives you back control of your mind and the information it receives. It puts you in the driver’s seat of intention and takes you on a road which will change you for the better!

Get your roadmap to the wishing stars

My book includes a step-by-step process “Creating Abundance through Affirmations.” I have outlined the journey to switch from scarcity to abundance, and all you need to do is literally fill in the blanks, and then start counting on the stars.

Cristine Price, MS has supported over a thousand clients in transforming their lives. She operates a thriving private practice in Northern Utah and is the author of 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry



Is Your Vital Body In Balance?

When is the last time you had a check up? Being aware of your vital body is just as important as having your physical body in shape. Our vital body is made up of our energy field, including meridians, chakras and auric field. The chakras are full of information that relates to specific organs. There is a direct relationship between the balance of a specific chakra and certain aspects of physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health.

For example, if your second chakra or sacral area is out of balance there are often accompanying emotional issues, such as problematic relationships or unresolved inner child wounds. These often go along side small intestinal problems, like IBS, and/or hormonal imbalances. Creating balance in the chakra can be part of a synergistic solution which can resolve imbalances in all areas of health.

What does a synergistic solution look like? It is the restoring of wholeness. Amit Goswami, PhD, my Quantum University professor, explains that “Wholeness is the metaphysical basis of all that is. Detaching from wholeness is what leads to disease.” Our spirits are having a physical experience and sometimes there is separation in the process. Sometimes we don’t want to feel pain, or experience the frequency of the physical world and our spirit separates. This is common in trauma, such as mentioned with the second chakra. However, I have come to the conclusion we may all have a collective PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) stored in our subconscious minds. It occured the moment our spirits were assaulted with the dense vibrations of our earthly experience.

The solution is not an escape from the physical – often seen in the ultra-spiritual life. Nor is the solution to numb the spirit – often seen in those who become addicted to physical things. The solution is to awaken both the physical and vital bodies together. Amit Goswami has stated that the “chakras are the exact point where the physical and vital bodies are collapsed together by consciousness.” What this means is that the body needs the spirit and vice versa, for complete wholeness. That is wonderful news. Because if you are living and breathing and reading this, you are capable of complete wholeness.

Here are a few suggestions and exercises to create wholeness and balance:
1) Breathe healing white light into the crown of your head, inviting divine essence to balance your crown chakra and enter your mind, filling it with peace. More meditation ideas are available on my Chakra Clearing mp3 or CD.
2) Use meditation in combination with yoga positions (yoga means union between body and spirit) like in this short video
3) Wear therapeutic gemstones with the intention of balancing specific chakras – for example Carnelian can support healing in the second chakra. Learn more at
4) Use affirmations to correct the information level programming of your chakras. For example, to balance the throat chakra state the following in a clear, empowered voice: “I am my word. I allow my voice to be heard. I express my truth and claim my volition.”

If this intrigues you, please find out more about the Seven Lessons Series – covering each of the seven main chakras. I would love to share much, much more with you about this vital topic, and I also offer individual sessions specifically designed to assess and restore your chakra balance. To explore this possibility in a live, online or phone setting just Start Now.

Create a Quantum Shift

Most of us are destined to repeat the past…

…unless we consciously create a different future. In my quantum science training I learned there are biological and psychological factors at play conditioning us to remain in a familiar pattern based on our past experience. These factors are the reason we develop disease, stay in unhealthy social situations or remain in scarcity. Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, explains that “most people move forward in the future the way they have lived in the past.”

The way to break the pattern is to “forget” what is conditioned, which could be explained as tapping into the zero point field. My experience of learning and teaching Quantum Entrainment is similar to what Dr. Dispenza explains as pure consciousness. “The state of pure consciousness is the point at which you have access to all possibilities that exist in the quantum field.” The zero point or quantum field is the source point of pure consciousness, which could also be described as the light of Christ. Reaching this deep awareness is a process that some have achieved through a disciplined practice of meditation. It can also be achieved in an instant, by experiencing a quantum shift.

What I have learned of quantum shifts is that they are not only miracles, not only the mighty change of heart spoken of in scripture and not only instantaneous healings. But they are based on science. They can’t be explained by human capabilities and they don’t occur in the physical realm. The existence of these unexplainable events – such as stage four cancer reversing completely or the permanent healing of addiction – are part of the growingevidence of a non-physical realm. And the truth that God is.

So the big questions I have been searching and ones you may be asking are: How do I create a quantum shift? Is it up to us to create it? Can we enable it to occur? I believe we not only can facilitate these types of transformations, but we need to. Here are three keys I have found to create a quantum shift.

1) A common approach to life is to partially wish for change, whether in our thinking, our goal-setting or our praying. The first key is to be 100% committed to real change. My own life has shifted dramatically from that simple, but very conscious choice. The core commitment I found, was a complete commitment to God, the very Source of all quantum possibilities.

2) The second key to creating a quantum shift is to move our mind forward. Stepping forward with my vision statement into the quantum possibilities is one of the most difficult things I have done. Shifting our mental patterns takes everything we are capable of and then some. But the mental plane is where creation begins. Then the physical can follow.

3) The third key to creating a quantum shift is to reach both the conscious and subconscious mind. Do you have a vision board? Or a vision statement? To shift the subconscious patterns it is imperative to retrain the mind on a daily basis and to not only to pull the conscious mind from the new possibility, but push whatever is at the back of the mind forward. The best way to do this is with a combination of left-brain and right-brain input, such as language and senses.

I am so grateful to have found the tools and resources that have allowed me to make many shifts, and even more grateful to be part of these miracles with others. I wish these gifts for you!

All my Love, Cristine Price,
life coach, recovery expert, and living miracle.

Every Prayer Counts, but QE is Exponential

Narcissists, feminists, chauvinists, Oh My. Is anyone else seeing what I am seeing? The presidential campaign has brought forward a lack of consciousness that causes many of us to balk. It triggers our issues as a people and blatantly exemplifies traits many of us are ready to surpass.

What has this election brought up for you? Some may feel sickened by the disrespect towards women. Sadly it is evident from multiple angles. Some may pity the prospects. Fear for the future. Or apathetically avoid the whole mess. What can one person do anyway? One vote may not count for much. One prayer might count for a little more. But each one of us, when combined with a powerful intention and an exponential ripple, could change the outcome.

I felt a great unsettling several weeks ago regarding our presidential prospects. My concerns nagged at me enough to begin formulating an idea. I decided it might be worthwhile to focus the QE Meditation group on the election for a few weeks. But I wondered how much difference it would really make so I decided to discuss it with a highly enlightened and well-respected intuitive. The response I received from him confirmed not only the value of such an endeavor, but the magnitude of the QE group itself. He shared with me he saw “concentric rings rippling out from the meditative efforts our group has done and will do.” He is not the only intuitive who has seen these rings and this level of impact from our group. And ours is not the only group of this nature.

Many wonder what we can do and if we are meant to do anything about global problems. Before we can take action, the first priority is to be self-aware. To be fully conscious. My own personal journey was to arrive at wholeness before I could take empowered action. The means that brought me to such a place of healing is the very avenue I am now sharing with many of my clients and any who are interested and ready to get involved. Quantum Entrainment.

QE is a simple, but profoundly effective means for shifting imbalance and disharmony all the way from the personal to the global level. We are all endowed with a knowing of pure consciousness or what some may call the light of Christ, the Holy Spirit or God essence. All light is light. And we are inherently light. But we forget. The task is to remember, to uncover or to find the light within our own being. The way to this truth is by just being in it, through silence, stillness and deep connection to all that is.

It took practice to find the pure awareness spoken of with Quantum Entrainment. But once I arrived I knew it was the strongest healing tool I had ever encountered. I have seen dramatic physical changes, significant psychological results, and miraculous shifts in myself and many others. The greatest power comes when a group of people engage in QE simultaneously. The results are exponential. For the past several months we have been extending QE to the efforts to Operation Underground Railroad and for the next four weeks we will also focus on the 2016 Presidential Election.